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Choosing a nature walk or one of the trails for hikes in Slovenia on your trip through Slovenia will allow you to experience the world from a unique perspective: you’ll see local communities, learn about the culture and stay fit while doing it. 

But before you tie your laces and head out for a hike, you need to know where to go. Below are a few routes – places where you can spend a couple of hours or a whole day in nature. Even if you are coming for a cultural tour in Slovenia, you can choose a day and leave the city to spend your time listening to the birds and being surrounded by forests, rivers, or hills. And don’t worry, your private driver will take you and pick you up when you choose to return to your hotel.  

Velika planina

A pleasant walk in the open air amidst conifers and pastures

Velika Planina is the largest shepherd settlement in Europe and offers many opportunities for walks and longer hikes in Slovenia, which you can combine with a visit to the mountain’s natural and ethnological attractions. Stroll through the extensive pastures, sample the delicious local cuisine, find snow in the Veternica Cave, and visit the Preskar Museum in the heart of the shepherd settlement.

After getting off the cable car, you can continue on foot to the top of the mountain (30 minutes on foot). From there, it is another 15-minute walk to the shepherd settlement. Continue past the Zeleni Rob inn and follow the signs to the shepherds’ village – Mala planina. The settlement hides many interesting things to see. We invite you to take a look at one of the shepherds’ huts and taste the local dairy delicacies.

Another option is to head in the direction of Planina Konjšica and Planina Dol. Continue past the Zeleni Rob inn and turn left after 100m. From here, follow the signs to both mountains. After about 15 minutes on foot, you will reach Konjšica, from where you can follow the marked trail down to Planina Dol if you wish.

The more active can get there on foot along the marked mountain trails. Starting points are Stahovica, Kamniška Bistrica – Kraljev Hrib, and Krivčevo, which is located along the local Stahovica-Črnivec road. The estimated time needed to reach Velika Planina is 3 hours, and you can return back to the valley by taking a pendular cable car.

Kranjska Gora

An important tourist and winter sports center

Tamar Valley is a popular spot for hikes in Slovenia and one of the most beautiful valleys in the Alps and in the Kranjska Gora area. The easiest way is, of course, to park in Planica and start the approximately one-hour hike to the Tamar Valley. There are 2 routes to Tamar from Planica. One is a forest road, which is just a footpath, and the other is a walking or driving road (in summer). We recommend you choose the forest road which is parallel to the main road. In the Tamar Valley, you will first be greeted by the Chapel of Our Lady of Succour, and immediately after, of course, the mountain lodge, where good meals are prepared. Here you can rest, change clothes or take a nap in the sun, weather permitting. We also recommend a visit to the source of the Sava Dolinka River at the Nadiža waterfall nearby. 

When you return to the parking lot, it is worth visiting Planica, where ski-jumping hills and an interesting cross-country skiing center await you. The trail is suitable for hiking all year round and is usually well-maintained even in heavy snowfall. In summer, when it is very hot, Tamar is the ideal place to cool down a bit, as temperatures here are at least one or two degrees lower than in Kranjska Gora.

Logar Valley

One of the most beautiful alpine glacial valleys in Europe

Walking through the Logar Valley brings us closer to the mountains, symbolically and physically. Logar’s century-old linden trees, forests, old farmhouses, and shepherds’ huts confirm that the locals have attuned their lives to nature. An easy trail leads along a stream to the source of the Črna River and passes by rocks. Signs and signposts guide you through forests, along the edge of pastures to logging and charcoal pits, and along streams to waterfalls. 

The Logar Valley Trail can be accessed from several starting points, signposted along the road and in parking lots along the valley. You can choose the part of the trail that suits you best. If you want to observe and explore the sights along the way, plan a full-day hike in both directions with stops and refreshments. The seven-kilometer, one-way trail, invites to one of the most beautiful hikes in Slovenia and offers hikers content-rich stretches and beautiful views.

Vintgar Gorge

Bled’s unspoiled nature

One of the easiest and most satisfying half-day excursions from Bled is to the Vintgar Gorge, about 4 km northwest of the village of Bled. The highlight is a 1,600 m wooden footbridge across the gorge, built in 1893 and continuously rebuilt since then. The entire route is spectacular.

The trip begins at the main entrance to Vintgar. At the end of the gorge, where the Šum waterfall is located, turn right and follow the signs to St. Catherine’s Church. The trail is an easy 1.2 km climb through the forest, with a drop of 80 meters. The church stands on a beautiful viewpoint over the surrounding area. You can return in the direction of the starting point (Šum waterfall), following the signs, or you can head southeast and extend your hike, towards the town of Bled.

The valley of Soča

The river with the emerald-green natural pools

The Soča Valley is considered one of the most beautiful valleys in our country, as the emerald-colored Soča River, surrounded by mountains and hills, is a feast for the eyes and soul. In the heart of the Triglav National Park, between Trenta and Bovec, lies a true masterpiece of nature – the Great Soča Gorge. It is located near the Lepena Valley, an ideal place for camping and short or long hikes in the green surroundings. The best view of the mighty natural pools is obtained from a wooden suspension bridge, located just above the deep gorge, through which the Soča River meanders. There is also a forest trail that runs along the river pools, with numerous viewpoints that require caution, as the overhanging cliffs sometimes reach 15 meters in height. At the point where the pools meet, there is a magnificent view of the pools, which are a popular refreshment spot for the brave in the summer months. For hikers, Krn Lake is also a nearby starting point, another interesting route for hikes in Slovenia.


A walk through the vineyards

For those who wish to combine a nice walk with a wine tasting, this route would be a success. The route runs between gently rounded hills with terraced vineyards, through blossoming bells, and alongside mixed forests, which in autumn offer a colorful palette of pastel shades. Breathtaking views on all sides of the sky will make this an unforgettable paradise. It is about 7 km long and takes about 2.5 hours to do the route. Of course, it depends on how long you spend tasting wine in various wineries. 

In this part of Slovenia, viticulture was practiced long before the arrival of the Romans. The best vineyards in the region are located in the hills surrounding the pearl of the region, the village of Jeruzalem. Some of the best wines are born here.

We start in front of the Church of the Sorrowful Mother of God from 1652. Continue to the first stop, a well-known restaurant, where you can taste homemade delicacies. Continue to a nearby ‘’bodega’’, where the smell of excellent cuisine will entice you. The road descends into the valley but soon climbs back up the hill. There we slowly approach the beautiful village of Svetinje, where we will refresh ourselves in the nearby wine tavern. 

At the top of the hills, we can sit and have lunch at the Taverna, and nearby, we can visit the Malek estate and taste the fine white wines from the vineyards that accompanied us along the way. On the way back to the village, you can also make a last stop at the wine spa resort. This is also a 4* hotel and if one is looking for some peace or to escape from the cities, we can also arrange for you to stay a night there. 

For hikes in Slovenia, there are many options. Above you can see some examples of the most accessible routes, with not-so-difficult levels. In general, many people choose something like this, which is enough to spend some time in nature and fill up with green energy. 

But if you prefer something more intensive, please contact us. We can also organize high mountain climbs with various terrains, accompanied by a licensed mountain guide.